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Treacletiger offers effective and realistic HR and employment relations support to your business, as well as health & wellbeing programmes tailored to your needs. We implement practical ideas that transform how a business operates.

We've helped our partners pick up awards, accreditations and industry recognition. Invite us down for a chat - we'll work with you, share what we know and bring out the brilliance in your team.


Who we are

Treacletiger aims to help your business make sense of everything employment-related. We work to help you meet your needs, wants and ’love to haves’. We can also help you to uncover talent, plan for success and to add value across your organisation.

Niki Rosenbaum

Niki McGrane Chartered MCIPD
As a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, I understand the incredible value great HR practice can bring to a business, and believe in utilising 'hands on' as well as textbook knowledge. I know the value of respecting a business' specific circumstances to develop great culture and ensure everyone feels included.

I believe firmly in the measurable value of creating great workplaces and the effect this has on productivity, engagement and staff loyalty. I love to work with businesses to strip away the jargon and always communicate in ways everyone can connect to.

Social media and technology are changing the way we work, and I love being a part of the revolution!

Let's do great things together. niki@treacletiger.co.uk

Stephen McGrane

Stephen McGrane BA (Hons), Tech IOSH, NEBOSH
I understand the challenges of learning and development as I attained my degree in Health & Social Care through the Open University as a mature student, having followed my heart into the field after working in high-pressure workplaces for many years.

I've studied and worked in the health & safety field for many years, am NEBOSH and IOSH qualified, and I'm an accredited adult education tutor. My experiences in the workplace have given me an insight into the power of training and investing in people, and I have extensive experience of working with trade unions both as a manager and a members' representative.

I believe that every business system should be easy to work with- where's the value otherwise?

I love my family, films, football, cooking, and the beauty of a simple plan. stephen@treacletiger.co.uk

HR Support Services

HR Tiger

Treacletiger provides independent and accredited HR consultancy and support services to businesses of up to 250 people. We can provide impartial, expert advice as needed to support your team, saving you the costs and time involved in engaging an in-house HR professional.

If you're starting out building your team or thinking of recruiting staff, get in touch to find out what you need and how we can help; we offer a realistic, practical approach that will ensure you are doing the right thing for your business and your people from day one.

If you've not looked at things in a while, we can complete a review of your existing policies and procedures and ensure you meet your legal obligations as an employer and protect your business and your staff.

For accessible, pro-active and comprehensive HR advice from a friendly and reliable source, talk to us - we'd love to hear from you.

Health, Wellbeing & Safety

Health Tiger

The safety and wellbeing of your people is essential to the success of your business.

Workplace injury and sickness absence costs businesses billions every year, and there are legal requirements upon employers to protect the health and safety of their staff.

We recognise the need to address the above, and that many employers consider this an expensive and confusing area.

We offer qualified, clear and affordable health and safety support tailored to a business' specific needs.

Our simple and effective workplace wellbeing system has won the Investors in People Health & Wellbeing Good Practice award, and can support your business' aims and vision.

Talk to us about introducing our low-cost, high-impact systems into your team.

Independent Workplace Mediation

Mediation Tiger

Conflict exists in every organisation. Some level of disagreement is expected and even healthy, as it encourages debate and different thinking. Issues are often resolved through negotiation.

At times when communication and negotiation fails or breaks down, things can escalate and relationships falter. Workplace conflict left unchecked can result in long-term misery and frustration at best, or an industrial tribunal at worst.

As an impartial third party, we use professional conflict resolution techniques to help those in dispute to find a way forward and look at how things need to be in future.

We are Accredited Workplace Mediators, registered with the Civil Mediation Council.

Prevent workplace disputes posing a risk to your business: contact us about mediation today.

Clients say

"Service from Niki has been superb, she was recommended to us by a client a year ago. We have used Niki to help out with a number of queries over the last year, she has always proven to be friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgable. Since working together we have recommended her on to a number of other clients and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of guidance around HR law and protocol."
Tanya Cranford, RecWorks

"It is a pleasure to recommend Niki after the outstanding work she has undertaken for my company recently. Not only a true expert in her field, she has made the process we needed to follow simple and effective at all stages."
Dave Ottley, Balance for Business

"Niki is brilliant The perfect blend of logical commercial HR with genuine empathy for people."
Andy Mildner, Azure Financial Services

"Brilliant and fantastic value - just use them and you will find out why."
Frank Bastow, Bastows

"I am very pleased to recommend Niki to you. She is genuine, a master of her subject and wholly committed to providing the very best service to her clients."
Lee Dickinson, ACTION Coach

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Treacletiger. Niki is very empathic to clients' needs and a highly skilled and knowledgable Human Resources subject matter expert."
Paul Walsh, Shirlaws UK

"I cannot thank you enough for your professional, empathetic and fast service."
Lindsey Agness, The Change Corporation


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  • Tel: +44(0)20 7259 9513
    +44(0)20 7730 3353
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